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Quake-absorbing technology

Prevent shaking

There are several types of quake-absorbing structure, which absorbs the energy of earthquakes, such as base isolation and mid-story isolation, depending on where it is used. Construction requires technology that effectively combines various functions, such as supporting the buildings and recovering from shaking.
Utilizing our advanced design and construction technology, we have delivered many buildings with quake-absorbing structures, such as Tsuruga Fire and Disaster Prevention Center , Gifu Pharmaceutical University, and Nagoya City University East Medical Center .

Quake-absorbing technology

Seismic control technology

Control shaking

Shaking occurs with specific frequencies according to the rigidity and size of the building. By converting this shaking into relative motion, the seismic control technology absorbs vibration energy to reduce deformation or damage to the building.
A seismic control system can be designed in various forms according to the building, such as installing steel dampers inside a structure and incorporating oil dampers into a braced frame.

Seismic control technology

Quake-resistant technology

Withstand shaking

In antiseismic reinforcement, seismic diagnosis is performed beforehand to check the reinforcement method and verify the effects after construction. Since the project specifications are different for each client, we ensure the strength by installing additional braces, walls, or beams, pouring additional concrete, or reinforcing columns.
Our quake-resistant technology has been used in many places such as hospitals and public facilities.

Quake-resistant technology

CFT structure

Reinforce skeleton with steel pipes and concrete

Steel pipes filled with concrete are used for a skeleton system to reinforce the structure. Effect of mutual confinement between the concrete and steel pipes increases axial compressive force, flexural strength, and deformability, resulting in higher quake- and fire-resistant characteristics.
Construction with this structure requires steel pipes to be filled uniformly and tightly with concrete.

CFT structure

Inverted construction

Excavate from upper to lower floors

This method excavates basement floors while using installed floors as earth-retaining support to construct the skeleton of the basement floors.
In the construction of Daiei Kanayama (now known as Aeon Kanayama) in downtown Nagoya, we took full advantage of this method to shorten the construction period by conducting below-ground and above-ground work at the same time and to reduce the effects on the surrounding ground.

Inverted construction