1955 Started in May as a contractor, Shiohama Gumi.
1971 Founded as Shiohama Industry Ltd.
1976 Changed its trade name to Shiohama Industry Corporation.
1981 Opened the Tsuruga factory.
1984 Opened the Tokyo office and Mihama factory and changed the Tsuruga factory to the equipment center.
1984 Approved by the minister.
1991 Opened the Tokyo and Osaka branches.
1992 Completed the quake-proof head office building.
1995 Opened the Nagoya branch.
2000 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
2002 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2005 Added a quake-absorbing structure to its head office building.
2012 Opened the Tohoku branch.
2013 Expanded the Tokyo branch.
2014 Opened the Tokyo headquarters.
2016 Registered in Fukui Women’s Active Engagement Promotion Company Plus (+).
2019 Opened the Tokyo Technology Office.
2021 Integrated the Tokyo headquarters, Tokyo branch, and Tokyo Technology Office into the Tokyo main office.
2022 Opened the Fukuoka office.
2022 Completed the Tsuruga head office building with seismic control.