Construction of Aeon Town Yukarigaoka

The most distinctive feature of Aeon Town Yukarigaoka is that it consists of two separate buildings (East Block and West Block) that face each other across the street. Construction work is often shared by companies in a joint venture, but this facility was completed with its buildings constructed separately, which was unusual and drew attention.

Aeon Town Yukarigaoka is one of the largest commercial facilities along the Keisei Line. It is located within a 10-minute walk of the station and has parking space for about 2,260 cars, which makes it easily accessible by train or car.

Points of project


No lost-time accidents achieved through meticulous safety management

Patrols were conducted three times a day for safer construction. Since Yukarigaoka had more restrictions than other areas, we focused on training new site visitors to prevent work accidents and problems. We spent over 30 minutes on training each new site visitor to explain the rules using past cases.
In the second half of the construction period, as many as 300 to 500 employees of partner companies entered and left the site daily, totaling some 70,000 by the time of completion. Including those who visited the entire facility, it is estimated that more than 150,000 people were involved in the project. Regardless of such a big project, we had no lost-time accidents.


East Block and West Block

The entire Aeon Town Yukarigaoka is designed as a circuit mall, where people can easily shop around without feeling fatigued, but it has different shop concepts for the East Block and West Block.
The East Block was constructed by us. It is shaped like a square, with shops in a circle.
Meanwhile, the West Block is shaped like a rectangle stretching to the east and west, with shops placed in a mix of circular and oval shapes.
In this project we focused on the entrance hall grade and the atrium ceilings in particular. An entrance hall is the face of a building. It must always be passed through unless other special pathways are available. We designed the entrance so as to make people want to pass through it and constructed it using high-grade materials. There are two atrium ceilings, one in the entrance hall and the other in the escalator hall, which were designed by the site manager. We optimized the building by making it look gorgeous while controlling costs.
People may not notice any differences just by looking at this building. However, there is a similar building for comparison on the West Block across the street, which highlights our distinctiveness.

Project brief

Project title Construction of Aeon Town Yukarigaoka (East Block) (Tentative)
Address 7-3-1 Nishiyukarigaoka, Sakura, Chiba
Client Aeon Town Co., Ltd.
Construction period May 20, 2015 to May 30, 2016
Structure Steel-frame building with 3 stories above ground (Block A), steel-frame building with 5 stories above ground (parking lot building)
Total floor area 41,196.51㎡
Building area 14,679.90㎡
Site area 30,942.32㎡

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