Message from the Chairman and CEO

Since its foundation in 1971, Shiohama Industry Corporation has been engaged in the civil engineering business, primary construction business, and secondary construction business, and has delivered high-quality buildings using its advanced technologies and proven construction capabilities. Utilizing a wide range of know-how based on the experience and achievements cultivated over many years, Shiohama Industry Corporation responds to diverse client needs and provides security and safety, resulting in gaining a high reputation and deep trust.

The purpose and mission of the construction industry are to build safe and comfortable infrastructure, ensure a safe living environment, and develop attractive communities in the future that help people to lead richer lives.

With these high ideals, each of us must be passionate and committed to the future to complete our mission as a general contractor.

By incorporating all of our knowledge and technology and building trust in our quality, we will constantly strive to be a general contractor that creates a richer and better living environment where humans can live in harmony with nature for the benefit of society.

Ikuhiro Shiohama,
Chairman and CEO,
Shiohama Industry Corporation

Corporate philosophy


Always pursue higher ideals and challenge all possibilities.


Create a rich living environment for the benefit of society.

Be trusted

Do what is required with high morals and superb knowledge.

Company profile

Trade name Shiohama Industry Corporation
Head office 12-1 Kannoncho, Tsuruga, Fukui
Foundation October 1971
Capital ¥480 million
Number of employees 370 (as of April 2023)
Business details
  1. General construction business
  2. Any businesses incidental or related to the preceding item
  • Construction Business License
    Special Construction License
    (Toku-3) No. 11060 by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • General Construction License
    (Han-3) No. 11060 by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • First-Class Architect Office Registration
    [Tokyo main office] No. 59908 by the Governor of Tokyo
    [Tsuruga head office] No. i-561 by the Governor of Fukui
    [Nagoya branch] (i-29) No. 11479 by the Governor of Aichi
  • International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001:2015
    Certification No. JA0171U-23UQ-1
  • International Environment Standard ISO14001:2015
    Certification No. JA0171U-23UE-1

Sales chart

(Actual for FY 2019 to target for FY 2026)

Sales chart